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The kitchen is the hub of every home and a spot where family and friends come together to prepare food and socialize. Updating your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint is one of the best and most affordable changes you can do. When choosing a Kitchen Paint St. Louis color palette, one should consider the overall design and feel and look of the home.


Kitchen Paint St. Louis

Deciding on a paint color can take up a great deal of time. There is a broad collection of shades to choose from. Kitchen Paint St. Louis can help you determine the perfect shade for your kitchen that will work best in your entire home.

One of the things you should take into consideration before proceeding with kitchen painting is to come up with a color scheme that will suit your kitchen space. Take into account the kind of cabinets, countertops, tiles, and floor that already exist or plan to have. This will determine the color palette that will not only complement your kitchen but also your house as a whole. Once you choose the best Kitchen Paint St. Louis color, it can yield a welcoming and energetic vibe. 

Make sure to pick satin or semi-gloss finish for your kitchen wall paint as they can be wiped down easily. As for the kitchen cabinets, painting them can be a great task. Hire a professional from Kitchen Remodel St. Louis and leave it to them to make things simpler for you. We highly recommend using oil-based paint for cabinets to make sure that the paint will not chip or peel off immediately due to moisture and high temperature.

Before Kitchen Paint St. Louis starts painting your kitchen, the countertop appliances, stove, fridge, or any hardware will be transferred or removed. Considering it’s important to get rid of the remaining grease, we will thoroughly wipe down your walls. We will also make sure that the floors are completely covered with drop cloths by using painter’s tape to tape off all the corners between the cabinets and other woodwork. Our team will prime your walls by removing all the grease or moisture left to guarantee that the top coat of paint will go on smoothly.

Another affordable option that can have a major effect on the overall vibe of your kitchen is to paint or repaint your cabinets since they take up so much space. To give it a fresh and classic feel, opt for white cabinets. For a more subdued tone, go with gray or beige. Dark gray or navy blue can give a sophisticated feel while yellow or green can add some color.


Another area in the kitchen where you can integrate some color is the countertops. There’s a wide variety of Kitchen Paint St. Louis colors to opt for. There are natural materials and bold custom colors to suit your style. 

Backsplashes can also help add some color to your kitchens. Best Kitchen Remodel St. Louis has prepared different options, from simple white tiles to more intricate and playful designs, to make sure there’s something that will fit your gorgeous kitchen.

Kitchen Paint St. Louis offers these services and more because our top priority is to help you achieve your ideal and amazing kitchen. Come visit us or contact us as soon as you decide to give your kitchen a minor or major makeover.

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