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Kitchen cabinets are one of the basic structures of a kitchen. If you need to renovate your kitchen, you may want to consider Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis design ideas before starting your kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis

One of the primary concerns homeowners must recognize before kitchen remodeling starts is to make a detailed plan on the type of kitchen that suits them the best. And kitchen cabinets happen to be one of the essential parts of a kitchen. You can always rely on Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis when it comes to kitchen cabinets since we can provide every client with plenty of cabinet ideas. 

To have a successful kitchen plan, measurements should be precise. The organization is also a must. Leaving plenty of space for opening the dishwasher, oven, refrigerator doors, and even windows and entryway should be observed. With kitchen cabinets requiring around 40 percent of most kitchens, it is deemed to be a big investment. Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis knows and understands how important it is to have the most beneficial cabinets. Should you decide to work with professional interior designers, Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis is always ready to draw up plans and work closely with them.


For Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis

There are several options to consider in determining the kitchen cabinets. There are types of kitchen cabinets. For Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis, the types of cabinets are the following: Base is a very basic cabinet placed below countertops. The size can be customized for Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis. This type has one drawer with doors and shelves below and sometimes contains three to four stacked drawers. Walls are cabinets installed above counters and stove. Tall cabinet type for Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis is used for pantries. This also gives space for storing dry goods or cleaning supplies. Specialty Unit cabinet type can maximize the area for Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis. They are usually installed above the sinks, hutches, and bottle racks.

For the kitchen cabinet grades, the choices for Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis are -

The stock is the cheapest option but has a durable finish. Usually, in stock, the only downside is the limited number of styles, accessories, finishes, and hardware.

A Semi-Custom or a stock-custom mix is built to suit a vast selection of doors and finishes.

The custom is the most expensive but it’s a complete custom cabinet designed according to the exact specifications.

The options for great cabinet doors for Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis are the slab doors, plank doors, frame and panel doors, and frame only doors.

One should also consider the hardware options for Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis, this includes the knobs, pulls, and hinges. 


Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis Installation

Before proceeding with the Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis installation, deciding which layout to follow is a must. It will entirely depend on the space of the kitchen.

One of the hardest challenges being encountered in every kitchen cabinet installation is replacing the existing cabinets with new ones. Our team can confidently remove existing heavy and bulky cabinets. They will take extra care to prevent damaging any materials upon removal or its surrounding that can be restored, such as floorings, trim, and wall. Kitchen Cabinets St. Louis installation team has the skills and expertise to make sure that cabinets installation is being done professionally.

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